This material was funded by USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program- SNAP-Ed.

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Is my organization a good fit with Cooking Matters?

Cooking Matters collaborates with strong community partners in order to deliver highly effective food skills education in the community. Successful programming can only be achieved when there is a mutual commitment between the Cooking Matters program and our partner organization. This commitment involves understanding and allocating the appropriate resources to ensure successful programming for the intended audience.

Who is eligible for Cooking Matters programming?

Cooking Matters partners with non-profit community-based organizations that provide services for low-income families that are on a limited budget. Participants in Cooking Matters programming are often receiving SNAP, WIC or other food assistance. Cooking Matters programming is designed to reach kids, seniors, parents and caregivers, especially moms, of children age 0-5.

What will be my organization's commitment if we partner with Cooking Matters?

In order to foster a successful partnership, we ask organizations to consider the following:

  • Understands the responsibilities of the partnership and what Cooking Matters provides as a service.
  • Allocates adequate staff resources to oversee the recruitment, coordination and implementation of programming.
  • Recruits the intended audience and clearly communicates the participant expectations.
  • Proactively addresses barriers to ensure successful programming that may include childcare, an interpreter and/or transportation to make the programming accessible.

What are other considerations if I want to offer a six-week course?

Six-week courses require a physical meeting space and kitchen space. Our courses require a safe, accessible space where all participants can actively engage in food preparation, conversation, and a shared meal.  Partner organizations may be able to identify a convenient space within their organization, or may need to seek space elsewhere. A commercial kitchen, although appreciated, is not required – as long as there is space for food prep and instruction and hot running water, Cooking Matters can supplement the course with portable cooking appliances.

What are other considerations if I want to offer a Cooking Matters at the Store tour?
Cooking Matters offers training for partner organization staff to implement their own tours by becoming trained as tour leaders. There are also Cooking Matters staff and volunteers available to lead tours. You may work with a Cooking Matters staff to determine which option works best for your organization.

What does it cost to have a Cooking Matters course at my site?
It varies.  Some of the costs associated with implementing certain courses and tours are covered by our funder, but Cooking Matters also relies on our partner organizations to share some of the programming costs.  Each partner organization works with a Cooking Matters manager to determine the shared programming cost that is right for your organization.  An organization will not be turned down solely on the basis of funding.